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How Republicans can win in a changing America: The Art of War with Lesson Plans

Lance Tarrance and Stephan Helgesen challenge the Republican Party to an intervention and offer five pathways to victory in 2014 and 2016. The authors advocate for a “Third Way” candidate, and through an in-depth analysis of seven distinct voter types and two seminal U.S. Presidential elections, they make their case for rejecting the status quo. The Republican Party stands at the edge of a cliff looking into the abyss. Has it the power to jump the gorge or will it fall into it?  

“A manifesto for change and a call to action” is how Tarrance and Helgesen describe their 200 plus page book and proceed to dissect the 1980 and 2012 campaigns’ messaging, strategies, financing and candidates as they move towards a full-on confrontation and analysis of the causes for the Republican loss in 2012. Available on, Barnes & Noble or get a signed copy through this website. To order through our site simply send us an email and tell us how many books you want to buy and how you want them inscribed. To order through Amazon, click here.

​​​Breaking Republican: THE book for every Republican who wants to win in 2016 

It analyzes the five principal pathways to electoral victory for the next Republican President. It identifies and describes seven basic voter types and voting groups and handicaps the five top tier Republican Presidential candidates. It lays out a ‘job description’ for the next President and shows how Hillary Clinton can be beaten. Breaking Republican is also a campaign handbook or ‘Army Field Manual’ for aspiring Republican candidates. It describes the entire campaign process including: setting up a campaign organization, formulating strategy, choosing a team, political event planning, fund-raising/financing, messaging and polling. 

Co-authored by Lance Tarrance and Stephan Helgesen, the book shows how Republicans can take back the White House from the Democrats and presents a detailed political battle plan for victory based on the strategies outlined in the pair’s first book, “How Republicans can win in a changing America: The Art of War with Lesson Plans” (also available on and from Barnes & Noble online). Order yours today at or get a signed copy through this website. 

Excerpts from Chapter 5, "Third Way Candidates for 2016":

  Hillary Clinton...has found out that being a political legacy candidate is going to be           rocker than expected...some of the negatives that could halt her status as a prohibitive         favorite in 2016 are the following:

  • "Even though Obama will not be on the ballot in 2016, his record will cast a giant spell on Hillary Clinton's chances"
  • "Her nomination path, even if preordained and largely uncontested, will be open for over 18 months of scrutiny and screening by investigative journalists who will resist a rubber stamped campaign."
  • "The center-left activists backing Hillary Clinton have not plugged the leak in the Democratic base vote from white, working class voters...this Clinton vulnerability has become the Democratic Party's great white whale."
  • The Presidential contest in 2016 will be another close election as the basics of the Electoral College process have really not changed since the 2000 election."
  • "Candidate Clinton will not be able to win over the volume of African American voters, as President Obama did in his campaigns."
  • "The corruption scandal of foreign country donations to the CLinton Foundation that broke with a story by the New York Times in April 2015 is going to be a severe problem for her campaign."
  • "Accusations of potential personal gain from public office and being above the law will dog Mrs. Clinton for months, if not for the duration of the campaign."

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