​​​​​At Tarrance Consulting, we are dedicated to

winning formulations through a comprehensive

"Four Corners Strategy" that includes: critical issues

analysis, key voter demographic polling/sampling,

media research/messaging and candidate positioning. 

We have been at the center of the U.S. and international political scene for nearly four decades. During that time we have earned our reputation as voting behavior specialists and continue to provide valuable insight into national public opinion trends. 

     Tarrance Consulting began with an idea                         and a dream back in the 1960s... 

 ...when Lance Tarrance read

Barry Goldwater's book, "Conscience

of a Conservative." in college at

Washington and Lee University, it

inspired him to choose government

and  research methodology.  Inspired

by the friendship of Richard

Scammon, editor of America Votes and former Director of the U.S. Census, Lance published maps and voting returns for the major counties in Texas, a first for his state. From there, his career took him on an exciting journey from data collection experience as Special Assistant to the Director of the U.S. Census, to one of America's top public opinion analysts, authors and guest lecturers.  After building a successful polling company that was acquired by the Gallup Organization, he became a member of their Board (1987-1982).  Later, he became their 'man in China', as President and Managing Director of Gallup China Inc. in Beijing (1993-1996). 

​Lance was a distinguished visiting professor at the Texas A&M University's Center for Presidential Studies lecturing on contemporary public opinion analysis.