The Ticket-Splitter: A New Force in American Politics 

by Walter De Vries and V. Lance Tarrance Jr., Forward by David Broder (Washington Post), Published 1972, Erdmans Press (also available at  

A Review by Commentary Magazine  "But Walter DeVries and Lance Tarrance, Jr. have apparently pinpointed a change which exists in the real world apart from the “Op-Ed” page of the New York ..."Click here to read the review.

New York Times review - From New York Times Archives December 5, 1971: Review of Ticket Splitters Called '70'S Key; Book Criticizes Traditional Views on the Voters, "...are two...Republican campaign strategists, Walter De Vries, now a professor at the University of Michigan, and Lance Tarrance Jr., now an official of the Census Bureau. Using extensive election and survey data, they sharply..." Click here to read the review.

Checked and Balanced: How Ticket-Splitters Are Shaping the New Balance of Power in American Politics
by V. Lance Tarrance Jr. and Walter De Vries, Forward by David Broder (Washington Post) Published 1998

"Divided government - one party controlling the Executive, the other the Legislative - has become an established feature, as many Americans have concluded that neither party has all the answers and that it makes sense to impose limits on them. Lance Tarrance and Walter De Vries were among the first to begin charting this development in The Ticket-Splitter(1972).   Now, they continue their leading work in this major new book - essential reading for all who want to understand the evolution of American politics" - Everett C. Ladd, Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. 

"Drawing on the research of political scientists and historians, on Gallup Opinion Polls, and on comments from independent voters in the 1996 election, this volume establishes a new vision of coalition government...the authors provocative discussion included the conclusion that shared control can actually result in a more effective government, as evidenced by welfare reform and balanced budget agreements during the Clinton era."  - The Authors.To order a copy from, click here.

​​​​​Texas Precinct Votes '68:  Southern Methodist University Press by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.​ ​, Forward

​                                             by Richard M. Scammon (Washington D.C.)

Texas Precinct Votes '70:  University of Texas Press by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.

​Negative Campaigns and Negative Votes:  Negative Campaigns and Negative Votes, by V. Lance Tarrance; 1 edition; First published in 1982; Subjects: Advertising, political, Election, ...

​Parties And Elections In An Anti-party Age: ​Edited by Jeff Fishel, Indiana University Press - "American Politics And The Crisis Of Confidence"  Reference Chapter 2: "The Vanishing Voter" - by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.  

​​​​Texas Precinct Votes '66:  Politics Inc. Press edited by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr., Forward by Dr. Cliff McCleskey,                                                 University of Texas (Austin)