Lance Tarrance was President and Founder/CEO of Tarrance & Associates, a Houston-based national survey research company (1977-1992).  In the summer of 1988, Tarrance & Associates was acquired by SRI/Gallup and Tarrance left the firm to sit on the board of The Gallup Organization.  Tarrance served as a member of the Board of Directors of The Gallup Organization (1987-1992).  In 1991, a partnership, headed by Ed Goeas, purchased Tarrance & Associates back from Gallup, effectively founding what is known today as The Tarrance Group Inc.  (The Tarrance Group became one of the most widely respected and successful Republican strategic research and polling firms in the nation.)  Later, Lance Tarrance became the first Managing Director and President of Gallup China in Beijing (1993-1995).

His acknowledged professional pursuits have included a research model built on split ticket voting, a systems approach to populist-conservatism, and studies of emerging Hispanic and internet voters.  Along with his co-author Walt DeVries, Lance Tarrance wrote the ground breaking political science book on ticket-splitting ("The Ticket Splitter, A New Force in American Politics") which launched his career based by challenging the prevailing academic model with a totally new theory of independent voting.  
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Mr. Tarrance also served as managing director to Burson-Marsteller Public Affairs Practice in Washington D.C. Named one of the 150 people in the country influencing national government by National Journal, Tarrance's commentary is often sought by the print and broadcast media, including the New York Times, the CBS Morning News, ABC's Nightline and NBC's Today. 

Mr. Tarrance served as the Special Assistant to the Director of the 1970 U.S. Census and was also named by the Secretary of Commerce as Co-Chairman of the Federal Advisory Committee on the adjustment of the 1990 Census. Earlier, he served as the Director of Research for the Republican National Committee and was an officer as Chief Page of the 1968 Republican National Convention.

Mr. Tarrance has been selected as a member of "Who's Who in America" every year since 1990, and "Who's Who in the World" since 2008. Mr. Tarrance is also a cofounder of the Raleigh Tavern Philosophical Society of Texas.

Mr. Tarrance received a B.A. in European History from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, his Master's Degree with distinction in Electoral Behavior from American University in Washington D.C., attended the University of Michigan Survey Research Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was a Fellow of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, the Institute of Politics (1973-1974). He was a Visiting Professor at the Texas A&M Center for Presidential Studies for the 1995-1996 academic year, was appointed the 1996 Scholar in Residence at Washington & Lee University.

Mr. Tarrance has trekked over many of the world's mountain ranges including East Asia, the Pacific Rim, Africa, and South America. Mr. Tarrance has hiked over diverse terrain in Iceland and Tanzania, the Japanese Alps, the Spanish Pyrenees, the Canadian Rockies and the Himalayas of Nepal. He has also climbed the mountain peaks of Kilimanjaro, Mount Fuji, and the Hotaka mountain range and sailed down the river systems of the Nile, the Yangtze, the Colorado River, and the Usumacinta. In addition to his recreational experiences hiking, climbing, and sailing around the world, Mr. Tarrance has also spent time in the Galapagos, Marrakesh, Kyoto, Machu Picchu, Auckland, Istanbul, Chongqing, Cairo, Tikal, and the Great Barrier Reef.


V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.

V. Lance Tarrance, Jr. is a leading Republican American pollster and political strategist who has conducted hundreds of public opinion studies for national corporations, foundations, elected leaders of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and state governments. He  served as a Senior Strategist for Senator John McCain's Straight Talk America political action committee and for the Senator's 2008 presidential campaign. Mr. Tarrance had previously been involved in the U.S. Presidential campaigns of Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, John Connally, Jack Kemp, and George H. W. Bush.  In 2013, Lance was inducted by his peers into the Hall of Fame of the National Association of Political Consultants.