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   Mr. Tarrance, as principal, has an advanced degree in Behavioral Research with additional background at the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan, in the Office of Director of the U.S. Census Bureau, at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and on the Board of Directors of the Gallup Organization.


   His history includes experience in seven U.S. Presidential campaigns and working for innumerable corporations and public affairs associations providing data collection, statistical analyses and strategic formulations.

   The other partner of Tarrance Consulting is Debora Taylor-Tarrance who has a scientific background in GeoSciences and Information Technology.

Our focus is tailored to the needs of our clients. Whether it's polling, issues analysis, candidate profiling, or media strategies.  


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GALLUP.COM, Gallup podcast   

OCTOBER 8, 2020
"Is a Major U.S. Political Realignment on the Horizon?," "What does a presidential campaign veteran make of the fast-paced events taking place as the 2020 presidential election nears? Political public opinion expert, pollster and author V. Lance Tarrance joins the podcast to discuss his long-term analysis of the trajectory of the U.S. Hispanic vote and more. Which states is he most focused on, and what does he foresee as the impact of first-time voters? Is the Republican Party changing?"

 V. Lance Tarrance, Jr. Interviewed by Mohamed Younis, Editor of the Gallup Poll

JANUARY 6, 2016 - "If Trump gets the GOP nomination will it hand Democrats a win in 2016? Not necessarily!" - "...For many Republicans outside the Washington area, Trump’s candidacy has been a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of suffocating campaign double-talk, political correctness and the business-as-usual approach of the political class in the nation’s capital........ Trump, with his “Make America Great Again” theme, has the potential to win states in the Midwest like Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio (“make the industrial states great again”) ........This would mean getting support from more blue-collar and white working-class voters, not just suburban, college-educated, white-collar voters. These angriest voters have been attracted to Trump largely for his unique leadership style – yes, I said “style,” not “policy” – and this is what makes this election year totally different, one that no Romney or McCain would understand........ Now is not the time to be conflicted. Now is the time to realign the Republican party with key Midwest states, and Trump may have the answer. In just a few weeks, the 2016 primaries may also have the answer." by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.


Tarrance Consulting utilizes surveys, interviews, polls, focus groups, and observations to achieve your goals.



  • General Political Consulting

  • "Second Opinion" Campaign               Assessments

  • Candidate Positioning and                 Coaching

  • Communication Strategy                 Formulation




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CEO, President

Lance Tarrance is the primary interface with clients and has a strong background in research design, questionnaire construction, key data interpretations, and strategic formulations.



Vice President and IT Specialist

Debora Taylor is an Information Technology specialist, researcher, and  publications editor for all books, papers, op-eds, and speeches. She is also our Webmaster.  




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V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.

Tel: 202-257-1056

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