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OCTOBER 8, 2020
"Is a Major U.S. Political Realignment on the Horizon?," "What does a presidential campaign veteran make of the fast-paced events taking place as the 2020 presidential election nears? Political public opinion expert, pollster and author V. Lance Tarrance joins the podcast to discuss his long-term analysis of the trajectory of the U.S. Hispanic vote and more. Which states is he most focused on, and what does he foresee as the impact of first-time voters? Is the Republican Party changing?"

 V. Lance Tarrance, Jr. Interviewed by Mohamed Younis, Editor of the Gallup Poll

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
"Will Wariness of China or Russia Sway More Voters in 2020?," "The presidential candidates are delivering potent messages about China and Russia, reminding their respective base voters what's at stake in November."

by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.  


JANUARY 14, 2020
"Is Democrats' Tent Too Big to Win the White House?," "Will Democrats vote in the 2020 presidential election if their party nominates a candidate they don't agree with?."

by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.  

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