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Hispanic Highlights of the Midterm Elections in Texas – 2022

Posted by Vernon Lance Tarrance Jr

November 14, 2022,Hispanic Highlights of the Midterm Elections in Texas - 2022 Posted by Vernon Lance Tarrance Jr November 14, 2022 Governor Abbott won reelection by almost 1 million votes in 2022 and the Texas Hispanic vote was a major focus of his election coalitional support...."  DOUBLE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW:







Texas Latino Conservatives (TLC) Live! NOVEMBER 16,2022,"Guests: Larissa Ramirez | Candidate, City Council (Runoff), League City, Texas and Ange Mertens | Co-Chairman of Holiday in the Park, League City, Texas and V. Lance Tarrance | Pollster - Political Strategist" discuss the 2022 midterm election results in South Texas."







WSJ: Democrats are in Trouble with Hispanics

Posted by Vernon Lance Tarrance Jr 

October 20, 2022, "The following are excerpts from a Wall Street Journal opinion piece which was apparently written to be a final red flag message to the Democratic Party that the Republican Party is now achieving electoral parity and is taking the Hispanic voting population in a different cultural and economic direction.  Someday historians will look back at opinions like this and say the evidence for this transformation of Hispanics being the new swing vote began in the early 2020's of U.S. political history.  As we now know, the first precursor was the 2016 Presidential election based upon the immigration issue and the economy.  See if you agree that the US is now at a pivotal political moment in history."  DOUBLE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW:





TLC Hispanic Realignment Survey

Posted by Texas Latino Conservatives on October 13, 2022, "TLC, along with Patrick Ruffini of Echelon Insights, Leslie Sanchez of Impacto Group, and V. Lance Tarrance, Jr., led a year-long Hispanic Realignment survey. Through this work, we are able to provide campaigns up and down the ballot with the tools they need to identify and message conservative Latinos across Texas."  DOUBLE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS SURVEY AND ANALYSIS



Pro Politics with Zac McCrary

Lance Tarrance, GOP Polling Icon


ZAC MCCRARY SEPTEMBER 27, 2022, "Lance Tarrance is one of the founding fathers of modern political polling. In this conversation, he talks what drew him into the world of GOP politics, an inflection point working at the US Census Bureau, going to work for Ronald Reagan’s pollster, then opening up his own firm The Tarrance Group. Lance goes deep on several of his interesting races...including beating Bill Clinton in his first gubernatorial re-elect in 1980, the upset Senate win of Mitch McConnell in 1984, his involvement in the California gubernatorial race that gave rise to the so-called “Bradley Effect”, his analysis predicting the rise of a Donald Trump-type candidate & many great stories and insights from his incredible career in politics."








The Democrats’ Hispanic Voter Problem






More on Hispanic Voter Trends: "Hispanic Voters Are Normie [i.e., Normal] Voters"

Posted by Vernon Lance Tarrance Jr August 15, 2022 , "Another essay by a highly respected intellectual in Washington DC continues the drumbeat on how liberal thinkers ( i.e., most Democrats ) are out of touch with the Hispanic culture. This time new national data proves his point. For example, Hispanics chose the statement "America is the greatest country in the world" 70% of the time to only 23% for the opposite view, while very liberal Democrats are the reverse; 66% not the greatest and only 28% the opposite. No wonder the headlines in political press outlets talk of the rising of the Hispanic vote and now the realignment of Hispanic vote.?"   DOUBLE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW FOR MORE ON THIS ARTICLE:

Hispanic Voters Are Normie Voters

by Ruy Teixeira, August 11, 2022 in The Liberal Patriot


Texas poll: Democrats' losses among Hispanics are only just beginning

by David Freddoso, Online Opinion Editor  August 12, 2022,"It's nothing new anymore to point out that Hispanics in Texas are in the middle of a political realignment. Rep. Mayra Flores's (R-TX) special election victory in South Texas this summer established this phenomenon as something quite real. But now, we have some polling data specifically for Texas Hispanics from which we can judge the size and scope of Democrats' problems. The short version is that they're already in big trouble, but there's a lot more room for their situation to get worse in the coming months and years.   Patrick Ruffini of Echelon Insights, Leslie Sanchez of Impacto Group, and well-known pollster Lance Tarrance have released results from a survey of 1,200 Hispanic voters in Texas...."  DOUBLE CLICK BUTTON BELOW FOR MORE OF THIS ARTICLE:



June 2022: A Big Month in Texas Political History

Posted by Vernon Lance Tarrance Jr · June 28, 2022, "June of 2022 was a big month in political history for the state of Texas as a special election in South Texas brought a Republican Hispanic into the U.S. Congress. It was a special election that will have to be replayed in November.

The key item from this victory was that almost half of the early turnout were from voters who ordinarily would vote in the Democratic Primary.  Secondarily, the Democrats in Washington D.C. were blamed for this unexpected loss."

Read the two following articles which will give you the big picture of how important this special election was in Texas history.  DOUBLE CLICK BUTTON BELOW FOR MORE OF THIS ARTICLE:














Posted by Vernon Lance Tarrance Jr · May 24, 2022, "One of the most complete and in-depth national polls so far this year was released recently (field date April 19-26, 2022) of a national sample of almost 1,400 respondents. The survey was supported by NPR/PBS and conducted as the Marist Poll. The headlines that came out of this survey were, of course, that President Joe Biden’s job approval rating was a consistent 51% disapproval and that the generic U.S. House ballot for the upcoming midterm elections now favors the Republican Party (47% to 44%). That’s quite a change from their previous survey in September 2021, which had given the Democrats a +8% lead on the generic U.S. House ballot.


However, when digging deeper into the statistical group results, there was some surprisingly interesting Hispanic data that was not reported. Hispanics are 14% of the national registered vote sample population, which is just enough sample size to pay attention to their specific results. Each statistical table breaks down the Anglo-Black-Hispanic-Other so you compare the today’s political universe “up close and personal“.





Texas Monthly Looks at Why Democrats are Losing Texas Latinos

Posted by Vernon Lance Tarrance Jr · May 11, 2022, "South Texas, lately, has become an object of political fascination for pundits, some of whom have not taken the time to understand even the most basic facts about the region.”  This is how Texas Monthly began their article (Sept 2021) which was entitled, Why Democrats Are Losing Texas Latinos.  Their in-depth investigation started out with how the new mayor of McAllen, Texas could explain how a Hispanic electorate could go Republican and, after some 20 pages, concluded that there were three hypotheses (see below).  As we approach the May 24th runoff in Texas and the forthcoming midterm elections in Texas this November, this analysis deserves closer reading."  DOUBLE CLICK BUTTON BELOW FOR MORE OF THIS ARTICLE:







Posted by Vernon Lance Tarrance Jr · April 21, 2022, "

The last Presidential election revealed stunning Hispanic results from the Rio Grande Valley to Florida, and it was a big conservative shift of Hispanics --the most talked about political demographic shift in decades. Since there is a growing audience of conservative Hispanics, the appearance on the scene of “Radio Americano “ is a fascinating new development in U.S. politics (see “Spanish-language Conservative Network Readies Launch as Latino Voters Shift Right“, The Week, March 7,2022 ) As the new broadcasters have stated, America needs a “FOX News in Spanish” to counteract the liberal bias of Univision and Telemundo.

It is also worth noting that many Americano Media presenters are strong women which highlights the forward thinking of the new management. Recent polling by the company has shown that Hispanic women have shifted to the right, more than Hispanic men. The new network so far has 29 commentators and about 10 reporters and will broadcast on SiriusXM satellite 153 with plans for a future “Rush Limbaugh in Spanish“.  DOUBLE CLICK BUTTON BELOW FOR MORE OF THIS ARTICLE:


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